Pc Migrate

migrate_pc_trackitTrack-It! PC Migrate will change the way you set up new machines and migrate users in your environment. Track-It! PC Migrate allows you to automatically capture all user profile data and preferences utilizing an easy to use Windows based application, store that information on your server, then when the time comes, inject all of those settings and data into a freshly installed Windows system. Track- It! PC Migrate is an automated solution that helps maintain productivity levels and reduce support costs by freeing up your IT technician from having to babysit file transfers from one machine to another and eases the transition for the user by transferring user preferences and other settings that they have customized to their liking. Track-It! PC migrate eliminates the need for manual intervention by automatically capturing application settings and preferences, wallpaper, drive mappings, bookmarks, favorites, photographs, files etc. into a user “personality”, storing that information until you need it, then when the time comes, allowing you to easily inject that personality onto a new Windows computer. Whether you are trying to lower post migration support costs or ease the burden of daily PC change initiatives, Track-It! PC Migrate helps you move user data and restore personal settings with zero-impact to the end-user.