Remote Control

Remote Control TrackitTrack-It! Remote provides help desk technicians with the means to provide consistent desktop support in a simplified way and offers the ability to resolve a user’s computer problem from a remote location

Consider the average working day with multiple employees throughout your organization experiencing a wide variety of PC problems. With computers and assets scattered in different buildings, or on different floors, traveling from PC to PC to fix networks or manage routine desktop issues is not feasible.

Yet, the help desk technician is still expected to provide immediate network access and problem resolution, and must have the ability to routinely troubleshoot and diagnose desktop issues, while maintaining these assets throughout their lifecycle. Working with a more IT dependent workforce has changed how IT organizations normally function.

Help desk technicians are now expected to become more flexible, better at anticipating needs and learn to accommodate the work force. With Track-It! Remote, businesses can optimize their IT infrastructure and continue to deliver service that meets and exceeds the expectations of their business-users.