User Satisfaction Survey

Tech-Client-Survey-QuestionaireDon’t guess about user satisfaction, measure it!

Track-It! Survey can help you automatically gather feedback on the help desk staff and services offered and generate metrics on that satisfaction level. Can you afford to have bad service? Can you afford NOT to know? Wouldn’t things be much easier if you could measure satisfaction and see trends in behavior? Having this information would allow you to easily identify the IT staff that need additional training or reward those individuals who consistently provide great service.


Personalized Emails: You have control over the content of the survey email each user will receive.

Customize the questions: Focus on one area of service, on the IT technician themselves or on overall service. You can also create multiple choice or free form questions.

Actionable Results: Don’t let your customer service level be a mystery. Measure it and master it with help from Track-It! Survey.