IT Help Desk

help desk trackit screenThe Help Desk is at the core of the Track-It! product, providing you with a 360- degree view of your work orders and change requests. End-user satisfaction, improved resolution rates, lower costs and adhering to industry best practices are of the utmost importance to IT departments. Track-It! helps you automate processes and build a knowledge base of solutions, ensuring faster and more accurate resolutions to your end-user requests by moving your manual processes into an automated help desk solution.

You will no longer jot important help desk issues down on a note pad, just to get lost in the shuffle. Structure will exist and be apparent to your users as you handle calls faster and always have the data you need available. Each and every helpdesk request will be recorded with the details needed for future audits and reports. The Track-It! HelpDesk is designed to help you build better processes, manage organizational knowledge and solve problems quickly.

Providing end-users with the flexibility to choose their communication method is important. With Track-It! HelpDesk, your users have the freedom to choose the interaction channel that is comfortable for them. Users can utilize the selfservice web portal, submit work orders through email or call for telephone support. You can provide top-quality service no matter which interaction channel your users choose.